Simple guide to yacht buying

Buying a Yacht


Purchasing A Previously Owned Yacht Quickly Transforms Your Dream To Reality

When it comes to buying a yacht, choosing a used one may be the best option for you. Indeed, it is the fastest path to living your fantasy. Quick, cost-efficient, and convenience, are just a few of the key advantages in the decision-making process. However, the acquisition of such an elaborate asset, can be a cumbersome process.

Bimini Brokers will not only guide you through the selection of the right vessel, at the right price, but will also help avoid any complications, and reduce any risk to your investment. We provide you with all the necessary information, and services, to safely secure your purchase. This includes legal, and financial protection, survey, registration, insurance, and shipment

Key Benefits

  • Easiest way to own
  • Immediate availability
  • Cost-efficient
  • Risk free process

Bimini Brokers Services

  • Personal knowledge of your taste, requirements, and budget
  • Ownership structure,
    customized to your own specifications
  • Extensive yacht selection with assistance from a global network of partners
  • Large selection of registration options in Europe, Americas, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean
  • Yacht assessment, survey, and compliancy
  • Price negotiation, and handling of all financial transactions