Managing your yacht with ease

Yacht Management Overview


As a valuable asset, your yacht requires detailed and professional care, as well as reliable financial management. Bimini Brokers provides comprehensive management services to ensure that you focus only on cruising and enjoying your time with your friends and loved ones.

Bimini Brokers yacht management services provide qualified, and trusted professionals, who are dedicated to organizing, maintaining, and managing your yacht at the highest level. From financial and legal administration, crew supervision, technical support, to safety controls, Bimini Brokers handles every aspect of your vessel’s operation.

Bimini Brokers also provides project management, for the commissioning of a new build, or refit project;
coordinating the actions of world-renowned designers, architects, and technical specialists to make your dream
yacht a reality.

Yacht Management Services

Yacht Construction and Refitting

Undertaking the construction of your unique yacht or engaging the refit of your classic vessel is always..

Operational Yacht Management

Precise operational management is essential to the safety and enjoyment on-board..